Rape of The Daughters of Leucippus-Peter Paul Rubens

This painting was created by Peter Paul Rubens between 1617-1618. This places his work in the center of the Baroque period. The content of this painting is very dramatic, depicting naked pale women being whisked away by tanned men. The paleness of Leucippus’ daughters points to the fact that they were not working class and therefore spent little time outside. The feeling that the viewer is looking in on a scene of intense action is a Baroque technique used to create a sense of drama and tension. The muscles in the men and horses seem to be bulging under intense effort and all bodies in this picture form diagonal lines across the canvas. giving the viewer the sense of action and dynamism. Also included in the content of this painting is cupid peeking from behind a horse on the left with a mischievous look on his face. Rubens used tenebrism which is use of dramatic light and dark or chiaroscuro to create further drama.
Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus Peter Paul Rubens

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on “Rape of The Daughters of Leucippus-Peter Paul Rubens
One Comment on “Rape of The Daughters of Leucippus-Peter Paul Rubens
  1. very nice description of the painting, with many good details. Make sure that all of your details are relevant and if they are, then explicitly show how they are relevant (i.e. the contrast of the flesh tones between the men and the women). Also, explain how/where tenebrism is used in the painting. You did a very good job at connecting the characteristics of the period (drama…) to the painting, so keep it up.

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